Blue Bell To Resume Distribution To Select Markets in Texas

Blue Bell Creameries will resume distributing ice cream to select markets in Texas and Alabama this month after halting sales and production following listeria contamination earlier this year. The development is being seen as a huge positive by analysts and investors on the street. The Texas-based company said today that it plans to re-enter parts of 15 states in five phases. It is important to point towards the fact that Blue Bell Creameries had voluntarily recalled all products after its treats were linked to 10 listeria illnesses in four states which included three deaths in Kansas and were seen as a huge negative.

The outbreak led the Food and Drug Administration to inspect the production facilities. The Blue Bell production facility in Sylacauga started producing ice cream in July, the company reported. It added that other production facilities are still undergoing upgrades. It is imperative to state that Listeria is a bacteria that can cause serious illness. The company reported that its officials have notified the Food and Drug Administration and state health officials in Alabama and Texas about their plan to re-enter markets on a limited basis. The company said that over the last many months, the company has been working to make facilities even better and make sure that their produce is safe.

Blue Bell plans to move to each phase based on product availability and when it can properly service customers in an area. With the exception of phase one, the company hasn’t provided any other dates for when each expansion will take place. The company said that it would changing the numbering system for code dates on all products to assure that all products that are being reintroduced to the marketplace are indeed new products manufactured with enhanced production processes and is being seen as a positive.