Growth in Tribal Areas Increase Due to Mini Hydel Power Projects

Andhra Pradesh Tribal Power Company (APTRIPCO) has established mini hydel power projects with the objective of harnessing the hydropower available in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh and improving the living conditions of all the tribes present in the scheduled area, which is under the sole ownership of the committees of local projects. These projects have now started to yield exceptionally good results.

The profit that is attained from these projects is put into the development of the tribal area by the local people of the tribe. APTRIPCO was successful in identifying about 100 locations where MHPPs (Mini Hydel Power Projects) could be established and the MHPP at Vetamamidi village was established by APTRIPCO. This MHPP is located in Addatheegala Mandal, which is located 85km away from Rajamahendravaram and the project was commissioned in 2011.


The company projects, which include projects at Mitlapalem, Pinjarikonda and Vetamamidi, were handed over to APGENCO for maintenance and construction of APTRIPCO projects in 2015 as the company couldn’t finish constructing the two projects, which were left at a stage of half-finished construction. 

The Vetamamidi Mini Hydel Power Project has generated Rs56.2 Lakh worth power since it got established i.e. about 23,28,800 units. The payable amount to APEPDCL for power consumption was Rs.60.98 Lakhs till the year 2015. Until APGENCO took over the responsibility, the production cost exceeded the expenditure of the plant.    

The Chief Civil Engineer and director of  APTRIPCO, K. Ratna Babu, has taken a lot of steps to solve lot of pending issues that exist at the 1.2 Megawatt project at Vetamamidi and other pending projects at Mitlapalem and Pinjarikonda by taking APGENCO officials’ support.

EPDCL has been drawing power since 15/04/2011, but they are claiming that the commercial operations date was from 30/11/2011. Mr. Babu negotiated with EPDCL and the COD date was then changed to 25/04/2011 due to which the project generated a benefit of Rs1.4 Crores for APTRIPCO.

APTRIPCO initially entered into a MOU with EPDCL for 200 KVA power from all three of the projects. But only one of the projects is currently in operation consuming only 80 KVA. The APEDCL used to raise a bill for the complete 200 KVA only. Mr. Babu did some negotiations with EPDCL and solved this problem. Now they charge only for one project – for 80 KVA only. This saved about Rs22 Lakhs for the company.


With the implementation of all these projects, the acute power shortage, which surrounds the villages of Addatheegala mandal, would be drastically reduced and the living standards of tribal people would be also improved as the funds generated by the plants are being allocated for the development of these areas.