India Plans to Increase Wind Power Project for This Financial Year

The need for energy is increasing day by day. The Government of India is planning to put up more projects for this fiscal year by increasing the auctions for 4 Gigawatts of wind power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking all possible steps to fulfill the dream of clean and green energy. Under his supervision, India will become the first country in the list of largest renewable energy expansion program.

As per the record by Grid Connected Renewable Power, there is an addition of 14.30 GW of renewable energy – out of this, 5.8 GW comes from solar power; wind power contributes 7.04 GW, 0.53 GW and 0.93 GW come from hydro and biopower respectively.

A survey report submitted to United Nations by Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) clearly mentioned that India will be generating 40% of electric power for consumption and it will be generated from non-fossil fuel, which is like creating a benchmark.


Mr. Ashvini Kumar, the Managing Director of Solar Energy Corporation of India stated in an interview that the Indian Government is planning to come up with exciting deals where 4 gigawatts of wind energy has to be covered for the current fiscal year and around 750 megawatt of solar energy by the next month.

He added by the year 2022, Modi government is planning to expand the energy source to the fullest and the main goal is to install 175 megawatt of renewable energy with clean environment.

Mr. Kumar in his statement appealed to all the states to make a note of their requirement regarding green power so that more tenders can be issued to fulfill the requirement.

As per the auction conducted by SECI in the month of February, there were bids that quoted Rs.3.46 kilowatt-hour for wind power, which is less than the current rate (Rs.4 to Rs.5), so this is a positive sign in the way of wind power usage.

According to Mr. Kumar, if everything goes as per plan, every year 5 gigawatts to 6 gigawatts of wind energy will be added, which will definitely fulfil the government’s goal within the coming four years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aim is to increase the wind energy capacity to 60 gigawatts and solar power up to 100 gigawatts, which will be a big achievement if achieved.


As per SECI, 750 megawatts of solar power project will be auctioned in Rajasthan, which will direct companies to sell energy at low price. Thus, they have to depend on renewable energy plants in order to remain in the race.

The price of solar power is decreasing. It was Rs.3.30 a kilowatt-hour in the month of February, whereas the current rate is Rs.3.15. Mr Kumar added that if the price graph goes in the same way then with the upcoming projects it may go down to Rs.3.00, which will be a great relief for people.