MEDA Deprives 300 and More Solar Power Consumers of Subsidy Scheme Because of Change in Norms

MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) has brought about a transformation in its norms. This has resulted in about 300 solar power consumers to get deprived from the subsidy that was provided by the central government. These consumers of solar power are demanding that both the MEDA officials as well as the ministry of the state energy be sympathetic towards their cases and sanction their subsidies at the earliest.

One of the solar power consumers told the media that MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) has introduced a 30 percent subsidy for all the solar power consumers that incorporated the use of this renewable energy under the categories of public service, educational institutes and domestic purpose.


After this was approved by the MNRE, this application was sent to the MEDA, which had the responsibility of approving it and then disbursing the money. According to the MEDA as well as the MNRE, the subsidy was applicable only to the new projects. The projects that already existed were not eligible for this subsidy scheme. The scheme was formulated keeping in mind the competition of the work along with proper inspection. Thus, if any person wished to make use of this subsidy, he had to invest some money in the setting up of the solar plant facility and the amount of the subsidy would get credited directly to his bank account.

While the MEDA took its time to finalize the process of the subsidy disbursement, many people initiated the applying process and also completed their respective projects as per the norms mentioned by the MEDA so that the subsidy could only be claimed based on the factors like work completion as well as inspection completion.

Later in the last week of the month of February, MEDA declared that they will be accepting applications only through the online process and stopped the acceptance of manual applications. Then people began applying online for the scheme and also began to receive the sanction letters.


When people asked the MEDA officials about the old pending cases, they replied that if their project is not yet completed they can apply online and get into the process with the rest of the flow. In case the project is completed, then they are not entitled to receive the subsidy as it has been completed and the new norm states that the scheme is applicable to new projects only. The old projects that have been completed are not to be considered.

The consumers who had applied before the process started and completed their respective projects according to the former norms have been incurring losses because of the change in norms and are holding the MEDA responsible for this.