PGCIL to Help Set up REMC under the Green Energy Corridor Scheme

As per the terms mentioned in the Green Energy Corridor scheme in India, the Ministry of Power has suggested that a host of the REMC (Renewable Energy Management Centers) must be set up all across India. These centers will be assisting in the integration of the renewables as the penetration power of these renewables have been gradually increasing. The cost of setting up these centers will be ranging up to a sum of 4.09 billion rupees or 63.5 million dollars.

As the government has set up a target to achieve the target of generating solar as well as wind capacity of 160 Gigawatts by the year 2022, the ministry of power is worried about the security and stability of the grid. The ministry also stated that about 7 states namely Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh as well as Tamil Nadu will together account for approximately 65 percent, which is about 104 Gigawatts of the total generation capacity.


The proposed renewable energy management centers that are to be newly set up are likely to remain separated in different regions such as the Northern, Western and Southern regions and all of these regions will be covering the 7 states that are rich generators of renewable energy and house the large scale projects that are mentioned under the Green Energy Corridor scheme.

The control centers that presently exist are known as the centers of state load dispatch and at the moment they lack the forecasting systems, monitoring, scheduling as well as the reserve management abilities of renewable energy.


In order to solve this current problem and overcome the challenges that are faced by these centers, India has decided to emulate the state-of-the-art renewables and make use of monitor systems that function according to the similar norms, as per countries like Australia, Belgium, Denmark, United States, Germany as well as Spain.

The main function of REMC is that it is going to forecast the generation of renewable energy at both the state as well as the regional levels. It is also going to schedule the generation of renewable energy with the help of SCADA systems and real time tracking. It is also going to coordinate with the relevant load dispatch center.

PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Limited) has also worked on the setting up of similar control centers for the projects and therefore has been given the role of the implementation of this task. After the completion of this task, REMC will be given to the states for the execution of the tasks.

This project has to be completed within a time frame of 15 months and will get commissioned in the year 2018 – 2019.