Smarter Grid Solution Enters into a Partnership with Enzel Global of India to Extend Its Market

Smarter Grid Solution is a company that is based in Glasgow and is dedicated to provide energy efficient solutions. The company has recently entered into a partnership with India-based Enzel Global.

This collaboration between the two companies will enable Smarter Grid Solution to allow and carry out their efficient software of optimal grids to thriving and new markets such as India, Australia, South Africa as well as Middle East.

Officials from both the companies stated that this collaboration between the two companies will help the utilities of both the firms to merge and bring about integration of the large amounts of renewable energy to the electricity grids seamlessly and with minimal energy losses. They also said that both the companies will share their insights and technologies so that they can brainstorm and come up with new innovative methodologies that are not only optimal, but also effective and efficient.

Till now, Smarter Grid Solutions had only captured and launched its products and services in the North American as well as European markets. However, with this partnership with India, Enzen Global became the first partner to be appointed by Smarter Grid Solutions to serve in the role as a distributor of products and services in the Indian market.


Smarter Grid Solutions also said that after the partnership with India, they wish to expand their partnerships domain further. That is why they are looking for other potential partnerships so that their resource management technology can be expanded and proven fruitful to the energy sector around the globe.

The Executive Vice President of Smarter Grid Solutions, Alan Gooding said that the products that the company has been working on have been tested and the results are remarkable. He said that the products are known to increase the reliability of the grid and also improve the existing efficiency of the grid.

He also added that these products are very effective in reducing the cost and expenditure that is incurred while integrating the renewables as well as maintaining the electricity supplies.

Overall, these products culminate in producing grids that are way more advanced than the conventional grids and are more efficient and also extremely vital as they help in decreasing the emissions of the green-house gases that are known to be toxic and harmful to the environment as they not only disrupt the ecological balance of the environment, but also damage the ozone layer that protects the earth from the ultraviolet radiations of the sun and cause global warming.