Money Flow Index is the fruit of the labor of our team of exceptionally talented journalists. Learn more about these passionate and industrious individuals who bring the content of unparalleled quality to your screens.

Nishtha Sharma, Email:
Our Chief Editor Nishtha Sharma has a background in Environmental Science that allows her to study our articles at a microscopic level. Nishtha has been the editor of multiple renowned online portals in the past but her urge to contribute to the environment attracted her to Money Life Index. She holds a degree in Environmental Science from Lucknow University and is also a trained Kathak dancer.

Nishant Sahai, Email:
Nishant Sahai is an irreplaceable member of our team, owing to his critical eye and unmatchable prowess at editing. With years of experience in writing for magazines, Nishant is a great mentor for the writers. Nishant is a graduate in Economics from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and is currently involved with an NGO that teaches the farming community about the internet.

Juhi Dubey, Email:
Juhi Dubey is ever willing to sign up for the arduous task of traveling to the distant parts of the country to cover a story. She holds a degree in Sociology from Fergusson College in Pune and was the editor of her department’s newsletter during her college days. Juhi aspires to create a business one day that runs solely on renewable energy.

Prakhar Ghorpade, Email:
Prakhar Ghorpade is constantly on the hunt for news that affects the energy sector of India. His strong networking and communication skills make him an exemplary reporter. Prakhar holds a degree in Literature from the University of Mumbai and also contributes to several literary magazines. Prakhar has been a member of our team for the longest duration and loves that his reporting abilities are challenged each day.

Aparna Goyal, Email:
Aparna Goyal is a fantastic reporter whose reports do not just contain facts but also offer a technical perspective on the matter at hand. Aparna holds a degree in Botany from Allahabad University and has worked on projects related to sustainable methods of farming for her thesis. She likes that her stint at Money Flow Index provides her an opportunity to interact with the farmers of rural India.

Nishi Porwal, Eamil:
Nishi Porwal’s articles possess a flow that is hard to master at such a young age. Nishi claims that she owes her writing skills to her degree in Literature from Miranda House in Delhi. She has been a storyteller since her childhood days and is glad that she could convert this passion into a profession as well.

Rahul Khanna, Eamil:
Rahul Khanna enjoys writing on the topic of sustainable development, and his keen interest in this domain is evident in all his articles. A graduate in Economics from Kanpur University, Rahul likes to discuss the close ties between the different industries of India. In his spare time, Rahul works on his carpentry projects and reads classic novels.

Sarvesh Shah, Eamil:
Sarvesh Shah is a writer by profession and a poet at heart. He is skilled at providing a human touch to his stories so that they may leave a mark on the minds of the readers. Sarvesh holds a degree in Philosophy from Gujarat University and wishes to return to his alma mater after a few years to teach the subject.

Shaurya Singh, Email:
Shaurya Singh believes that the power of the written word is far-reaching and therefore journalists are the primary harbingers of change. He holds a degree in Mass Communication from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media in Bengaluru and is also a state level hockey player. Shaurya’s goal is to be counted among the top ranking journalists of India in the near future.

Yashwant Ramdas, Eamil:
Yashwant Ramdas is extremely passionate about the cause of conserving the non-renewable fuels and hopes that his articles encourage the readers to join this movement. Yashwant holds a degree in Psychology from Andhra University and has also written articles for many Telugu newspapers. His hobbies include writing fictional pieces and poetry in English, Telugu, and Tamil.